Perm for thin hair

The PERM “2” is specially designed for thin, brittle and / or treated hair (bleached, with meches, colored). The vitamin complex contained in its formula acts during the treatment nourishing and protecting the hair. The active ingredients penetrate the hair taking advantage of the opening of the scales necessary to produce the curls, bringing their beneficial effects also to the innermost layers of the cortex.

How to use: apply the perm liquid on dry hair, proceeding with a sponge, on all lengths. Wrap each strand in the curler and saturate again with the liquid. Wait for 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the condition of the hair (porosity, treated or natural etc.), rinse very well with warm water and proceed with the application of NEUTRALIZER.

Pack: bottle of 500 ml.

professional use

5/15  minutes



The PERM 2 is a specific undulating liquid for thin hair, brittle and / or chemically / colored treated, bleached). The final effect, with a thick and thin curl or soft and wavy , is obtained through the use of different curler shapes / dimensions.


The permanent (undulation) is a chemical-physical treatment made to modify the original capillary shape / structure. Just as the ironing breaks down the keratin polymers, to then restore them in the new form obtained. The curly effect is obtained through the application of a basic liquid that enlarges the scales of the hair and changes its structure. Then the hair is wrapped in curlers that determine the new shape and finally, rinsed the perm liquid, the NEUTRALIZER is applied to restore the polymers.


For the undulation of fragile hair, fine and / or chemically treated (bleached, colored).

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