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Intensive anti-dandruff treatment

The Intensive ANTI-DANDRUFF treatment is a shock product to intervene on hair strongly affected by dry or oily dandruff. To be used also periodically as an adjunct in the maintenance treatment (shampoo and tonic), exerts a special deep cleaning action, cleansing and purifying the skin even in the less superficial layers and ensuring the immediate elimination of the residual scales and a significant slowing down of their reform.

How to use:  before shampooing or as an alternative to it, apply the product on dry scalp, massage gently and leave for at least 5 minutes. Wet the skin, emulsify the product, massaging a few more moments and then rinse with water.

Confezione: bottle of 150 ml.

professional use

domestic use

5/10  minutes


  • ribes-nero

BLACKCURRANT: The black currant buds, rich in essential oil, flavonoids and glycosides, in this preparation, act as stimulants of the adrenal glands in the production of cortisol, an endogenous cortisone that helps the body react to inflammation. The leaves, whose main components are triterpenes and a polyphenol complex, have purifying properties. The fruits, rich in citric acid, malic acid, vitamin C, trace elements, polyunsaturated acids, flavonoids and anthocyanins, are useful for their astringent and vasoprotective action.

WHITE BIRCH: Birch leaves are used in phytotherapy for the diuretic and purifying properties, conferred by flavonoids, sesquitepene oxides, tannins (leucoantocyanidins), Vitamin C, betulinic acid, chlorogenic and caffeic, resins and essential oils. Promotes the elimination and drainage of harmful substances from the skin. Its detoxifying properties act on the lymphatic system purifying it.

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