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Reconstruction oil

HAIR RESTORE reconstruction oil is a beauty treatment for damaged or stressed hair. Regenerate hair instantly repairing the damage caused by chemical treatments, mechanical or weather. Particularly suitable for preventing and treating split ends, it forms a protective film around the hair leaving it immediately soft, shiny and silky.

How to use: apply on damp or dry hair, distributing the sufficient quantity of product on all lengths, especially on the ends. Proceed with styling.

Confezione: bottle of 60 ml.

professional use

domestic use

5 minutes

no rinse

CASTOR OIL: Castor oil is a precious natural vegetable oil, exceptionally rich in vitamin E., always known for its ability to treat burns, skin problems such as dermatitis, dry skin and sores. Its high nourishing, moisturizing and protective power makes it a special ally in hair restoration treatments.

GRAPESEEDS: Grape seed extract plays a powerful antioxidant action, reduces heat damage and protects from stress caused by external factors such as sea water, UV rays, surfactants and chemical treatments for coloring and bleaching. It also deeply moisturizes and keeps hair healthy and well nourished.